Character is Simply Habit Long Continued –Plutarch

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You have probably heard the phrase, “We are what we repeatedly do.” It is our habits that define us, not our circumstances.  If you want to change your character, change your habits.

Life can be a struggle when our habits and actions don’t correspond with the type of person we desire to be.  Habits are done mostly on auto pilot, they have been performed so often as automatic responses to certain situations, that they are now ingrained within the subconscious mind.  Most people don’t even realize that it’s their habits, not their circumstances that are the ones holding them back from having what they want or becoming the type of person they desire to be.

If you would like to change a certain aspect of your character, you must first stop performing the habits that are counterintuitive to the person you’d like to be.  For example, the habit of an optimistic person is one who looks for the positives in every situation.  You can’t have the character trait of an optimist, with the habit of thinking negatively in every situation you encounter.  If you want the character traits of an optimist, you must train yourself to perform the habits of an optimist.  It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole, and many of us will try to do that, with our entire life.

Become aware of your habits.  Take a few minutes to write out a few character traits you would like to have or be defined as having by others.  Are your current daily actions in line with someone who has those traits?  If not, then it’s time to make some changes.  Becoming aware of whether or not your actions line up with the type of person you desire to become, will make a dramatic difference in helping you to reach your maximum potential.

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