Embody your passion, discover your greatness!

For the last 2 years our theme for Madison County 4-H has been “Discover your path…” We have encouraged our members, volunteers, and community to reflect on what inspires them.  And to constantly envision “Where am I going?”

Over the next 2 years we encourage you to “Embody your passion, discover your greatness!”  What is your passion?  How can that direct your path?  Your passion is the gift of your greatness….it is your individuality….your legacy.

The Seeds 4 Life had a great post recently on this topic, check it out!

Re-blogged from The Seeds 4 Life:

There Is No Passion to Be Found Playing Small, in Settling for a Life That Is Less than the One You Are Capable of Living – Nelson Mandela

Striving to live your best life is not easy.  Stretching yourself in order to reach your maximum potential requires a lot of energy, dedication, and sacrifice.  Most people are not truly willing to pay that price.  It’s tempting to settling for small, to just work hard enough to remain king of your comfort zone and live a life free from most failures and let down.  Is it appealing? Yes. 

However, by living small, by not challenging yourself to dream big dreams or develop your skills to become all you can be; you welcome regret into your life.  You assure its survival and safe passage, and all but guarantee a future meeting in which you will be asked its favorite and all too familiar question; “What if?” 

Settling for a life that is less than your best is just your brains way of lulling the heart into a false sense of completion, when deep down within you, something still burns…a piece of you which yearns for growth.  That is your best life trying to reach you.  It’s your passion, it’s your pride, and it’s your greatness seeking a chance.  Find your passion and feed your greatness.

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