Walk It Out with MadCo 4-H!

Fall Schedule- August 8th – November 18th, 4pm at Lanier Field in Madison (weather permitting, notices will be posted on all our social media sites for “un-manned” walk days)

Spring Schedule- TBA

Welcome to Walk It Out with MadCo 4-H! We’re starting a new thing this year to help our youth members, volunteers, and anyone in the community get outdoors, relieve stress, and make time for fitness….and bonus, walking chats with Ms. Becky!

Got questions about 4-H? Join us!

Need an excuse for a standing “appointment” to make time for you? Join us!

Got kids? Join us! (And bring them with you!)

Got kids who you want involved but you can’t make it with them? Drop them off! (Make arrangements with Becky if you need to drop off before 3:45pm or pick up after 5:15pm.)

Invite a friend, bring the kids (a few outdoor toys will be available for those who don’t want to walk), and join us every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm on the Lanier Field Track in Madison to Walk It Out!

Can’t make it at that time? Join us virtually any time or day by posting a picture in the comments of your #WalkItOut ! Don’t forget to use the hash tags #madco4h and #WalkItOut for accountability.

Each day we’ll have a sign-in and -out sheet to help you stay accountable. Those who join virtually will be added to the list which will be posted here at the end of each week.


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