The Benefits of 4-H

To kick off our New 4-H Year right, let’s look at some great reasons to get involved whether as a youth member, adult volunteer, or community supporter.  The National 4-H website provides outstanding, research-based information about the benefits of 4-H:

“4‑H is America’s largest youth development organization and we empower young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

Building Life Skills Through Hands-On Learning:

Youth lead hands-on projects in areas like science, health, agriculture and citizenship. Adult mentors provide a positive environment where they learn by doing. This 4‑H experience is delivered by a community of more than 100 public universities across the nation and gives kids life skills like confidence, independence, resilience and compassion.

4H Grows True Leaders:

4‑H empowers young people to be true leaders. True leaders are young people who have confidence; know how to work well with others; can endure through challenges; and will stick with a job until it gets done. In 4‑H, we believe true leaders aren’t born – they’re grown.

4‑H programs hands-on approach gives young people guidance, tools and encouragement, and then puts them in the driver’s seat to make great things happen. Independent research proves the unparalleled impact of the 4‑H experience.

Life Skills to Lead:

4‑H’s hands-on approach is proven to grow life skills like confidence, independence, resilience and compassion through stages and developed through experiences, not instruction. The result? Kids who are empowered with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

Hands-On Experiences:

More young people need the kind of hands-on, youth-led experiences that 4‑H provides. Experiences where they learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas and use their influence to drive positive outcomes. Adult mentors provide guidance, ask questions, share learnings and encourage.

University Backed:

4‑H reaches nearly six million young people through Cooperative Extension – a community of more than 100 public universities and 3,000 local offices. Programs are delivered by more than 3,500 4‑H professionals and more than 500,000 volunteers.

4-H Study of Positive Youth Development:

Highly regarded as the first-ever research project of its kind, the 4‑H Study of Positive Youth Development defined and measured positive youth development. Compared to their peers, the report shows that youth involved in 4‑H programs excel in several areas.”

Information taken from

More information about our National and State 4-H Youth Development Programs, please visit and


Original article published in the Madison Enterprise Recorder.

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