We love our TedTalks at Madison 4-H! Be sure to check out this informational article on TedxTeen, a Ted site molded for our youth.

Florida 4-H: Northeast District

Love TED Talks but looking for something that resonates even more with your 4-H youth?

Enter TEDxTeen.  Talks especially designed with teens in mind.  Check them out at:  www.tedxteen.com

How can you use TED Talks?

  •  To teach public speaking.  A great way to allow 4-H members to critique other speakers.
  • To learn new skills.   The magnitude of the scientific TED Talks available is mind-boggling.
  • To motivate.  Are you about to teach bullying prevention to 4-H camp counselors?  Find a video that paints the importance of looking out for one another.
  • To continue a conversation.  Have you been discussing the value of leadership in 4-H County Council meetings?  How about assigning a TED Talk of the month, and dedicate a few minutes of each meeting to discussion on how 4-H’ers can apply what they learned to their own leadership style.
  • Search TED-ed for lesson plans based on TED Talks!

What’s your favorite…

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