Hurricane Preparation: What About the Kids?

Great tips as we prepare for Hurricane Irma. Please stay safe and make smart decisions!

Looking FOURward

Dear Reader,

I’m not certain where you are logging in from today, but I’m currently here in “sunny” Florida watching and waiting for Hurricane Irma. When I haven’t been watching the Weather Channel as if it were ESPN during play off season, I’ve been prepping. I’ve been stockpiling batteries, candles, water, an unacceptably large quantity of peanut butter M & M’s, and other necessities.

But what about the kids? Sometimes the smallest people in our households can take a backseat in our minds as we rush to prepare. However, it is important to remember they need to be prepared too.

Things to think about:

  •  Explain what will happen, in simple and age-appropriate terms.  There are some great resources to help you with this here:  Explaining Hurricanes to Kids
  • Be careful not to overdue your explanations though.  If all your household conversations focus on the approaching hurricane and nothing else, it can increase children’s…

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