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In a giving mood this holiday season? Check out these ways to help support 4-H! Interested in “Giving the Gift of Camp”? Contact your local 4-H Office for more information!

Looking FOURward

Whether you celebrate Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or otherwise find yourself at some point and time purchasing goods, check out the following ways you can support 4-H simultaneously!

AmazonSmile:  Make your purchase through this link, and .5% of your cost goes to the charity of your choice.  To send those funds to 4-H search for “Florida 4-H” (or your local 4-H program).

Joann 4-H Rewards:  Save 15% off total in-store and online purchases every day with 4‑H Rewards. JOANN will give a minimum of 2.5% of every eligible transaction to 4‑H.

Shop 4-H:  This site often offers discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Be sure to sign up for an account to earn rewards points good toward future purchases!

Do you prefer to gift experiences rather than goods?  Contact your local county extension office and ask how you can “Give the Gift of Camp” by…

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Encouraging the Innovator Spirit in Youth

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.” ~Hodding Carter

In an age where creativity is often pre-engineered through technology, it is hard to strike a balance between utilizing that technology and allowing our imaginations to flow unassisted.  That’s why it is more important than ever to provide a safe environment for our youth to explore technology and encourage creative risk-taking while they try to create a new reality.  So how do we do this?  How do we give our youth both roots and wings in today’s fast-paced world?
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I Want to See Like the Colour Blind | Quick Bytes

We all experience the world a little differently than the person next to us, yet we are all the same.  In the next few posts we’ll explore how we’re all a little different but a lot the same.  Because in 4-H we are all about everyone experiencing a sense of Belonging!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be color blind? Did you know there are 8 different kinds of color blindness? Check out this fascinating post by Minnesota Extension to explore the world in a whole new light…or color!

Source: I Want to See Like the Colour Blind | Quick Bytes

Delegation, But HOW?

Looking FOURward

You can’t do it all.  And to try means that you are inhibiting the potential growth of your 4-H club.  If a club or program can never expand beyond what you yourself can do, that program will never reach its potential.  This means- delegation is not just important, it is the responsible thing to do.

Think back to the last time you tried to delegate a task?  Seriously- take about a minute to think about who you asked, what you asked for, and what was the end product.  Jot down some brief notes.

I’ll wait….

Delegation can be a beautiful thing.  It can also be a dismal failure.  Fortunately, much of the success of the delegation process remains in the hands of the one assigning the task.  YOU have much control!

delegationDelegation is not the simple act of asking (telling) someone to do something and expecting it magically happens.  Effective…

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Help celebrate National 4-H Week!

Each day of National 4-H Week will have a themed activity that Madison youth will be able to complete on their own or in small groups. These activities will allow the exploration of the Essential Elements of 4-H: Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity. Activities will culminate with our Northeast District 4-H Kick-Off to be held at 4-H Camp Cherry Lake on October 14th.

October 1st- Pick a 4-H Club in your county or neighboring county to visit!  See what other 4-Hers are up to near year, who knows you might come up with an awesome project to collaborate on.

October 2nd- Invite a friend to your next club meeting!  Take a selfie with them and post to your favorite social media site with the hashtags #madco4h #trueleaders #4heverywhere

October 3rd- Pick a challenging project to tackle this year, one in an area that you’ve never explored or something harder than you ever thought you could accomplish!  Need ideas?  Check out:

October 4th- Participate in National Youth Science Day!  For more information visit

October 5th- Share your favorite 4-H memory or story!  Don’t forget to tag us #madco4h #trueleaders #4heverywhere

October 6th-  Sign up for a 4-H competition!  Pick something new or tried and true.  Just get out there and showcase your mastery of a new or old skill.

October 7th-  Send a handwritten thank you to a 4-H Club Leader or Volunteer that has made a difference in your life!  Our Volunteers work hard to make sure 4-H “makes the best better,” and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.